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Hallie (Parent) and Caroline (Child)

I love how incredibly organized and purposeful everything you’ve put together is. 

Caroline has been having a blast with the kit! And really all of us have, my kids and her OT, PT and SLP have all been able to incorporate the tools in the kit into her therapy. Her vision therapist, hasn’t been able to see us in awhile, but she will be here next week and I can’t wait to show her. 

I also wanted to comment on how much I love the trail guide cards. It is so helpful to be able to access quickly and easily and I can even tell my 5 year old to pick the card to go with the item we’ve picked to practice with. 

I think one of Caroline’s absolute favorite things has been the golden pinwheel. I wish I had it on a video. When I set that up beside her while she hung out in her boppy,  her face lit up and she opened her mouth big and she was moving her whole body as if she wanted to get it. It was adorable.

Our SLP was super impressed and dove right in reading the cards and got us setup using the little golden music box, flash light and the light up glasses to help her isolate sounds better. She made a little game of it and it’s just amazing what tapping into Caroline’s vision needs can do for allowing her to use her body better. She is so much more motivated and tolerates her stretches and exercises so much better with the right setup and environment. I have been so shocked at how unaware even developmental experts and therapists have been about how CVI impacts kids like Caroline. I want to shout it from the rooftops and show them how much changing the environment and using the right tools changes things for kids like Caroline. 

I’m so excited to see her continue making progress with these wonderful tools!

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