It Takes a Village

The diverse and integrated teams who work with students are an important part of their progress and success. I had the privilege of attending The Bridge School AAC/CVI Seminar the summer of 2022. It was a one week experience that was absolutely amazing as forty...

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Progress: Each Student’s Unique Journey

Using the VistaQuest BaseKit can be a key resource in measuring a child or student's visual and multi-sensory progress. Today I received a video and text message from the mother of one of my students. The video showed my student, an 18 month old, laying on his back...

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Essential Multi-Sensory Intervention

Information on teaching students with cortical/cerebral visual impairment through sensory rich experiences To solidify the understanding of how the thalamus works when building neural pathways, I like to refer to a colleague’s example that helped fortify my...

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Building Memory Pathways

Expanding on how memory pathways are built and how to assist individuals with CVI in creating memory building blocks. As I began to dive deeper in creating a useful tool for teams supporting students diagnosed with CVI, I combined the knowledge gained from my...

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“Prevalence of CVI Leads to VistaQuest BaseKit”

As a Teacher for the Visually Impaired (TVI) for over a decade, I’ve sharpened my professional skills working with students in the Eugene/Springfield school district in Oregon.  But my experience working with the visually impaired goes back years earlier. ...

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